A path less travelled.



It occurred to me while walking the Freddie the dog down by the canal,that it does not take much to alter our perspective on life. There was I, not tearing around in the car or my triumph motorcycle, actually taking time to look and appreciate most the of the same things that had become part of the usual blur.
Hmmm? the usual blur…. how much of that makes up my day? How much of life has become(apparently)the usual blur? Strange thought i guess, but genuinely i realised i am taking much more notice minute by minute.
Having been made redundant some few months ago, and deciding to open the holistic therapy centre, many of the decisions and pathways that i had stopped myself exploring are now beckoning. Like bright lights at the end of a myriad of tunnels opportunities that come with increasing frequency.
A promise i made to my father some months before he passed away is singing like a gong in my head!! You must do the things your heart directs…woaw so true…!!
After some 20 years away from motorcycling i returned to it, because it made my heart glad.
I am a spiritual person who has spent 30 years working in the automotive industry. Many years stuck in stressful and detrimental energy, usual story, paying bills, keeping the peace and saying yes!!

But life has changed, maybe it was the motorcycling, maybe having the courage to work as a holistic therapist. Maybe as just part of the whole energy of change that is emerging all over the world or just allowing myself to be carried by the flow of positive energy that seems be exponentially increasing around me.
Certainly, meeting someone who holds similar ambitions and interests as myself; we now live and run the practice together. Someone who i can really talk to about my reiki, energy healing and all the “weird stuff” and have a meaningful conversation about it. That is awesome!!
Maybe the usual blur was me shutting out all those things that were trying to tell me how different my would be if i had taken notice… if i had listened to my heart. If i have just listened.

The usual blur is not there now. Each journey has a new dimension. Each venture out prompts insight and meditation. I am not wishing for life to change or improve. That is now redundant. Each moment has its place and beauty, filled with brightness and love whatever the situation.
Yes it was a path less travelled for me for many years, but i rejoice in the experience as i understand now what being in the flow really means.

My rides and drives are no longer simply about arriving, the journey becomes the key. What will be generated within the flow today? Challenge, lesson, new aquiantance… no matter it is all good! I no longer fear or dread each day in case i fail to reach expectation. My own target always being the highest set. No more!! No more!! Yes I have goals within this ever increasing flow. How do i maintain balance and positive energy? How do i remain true to myself and thus portray the true real me to those around me? Like riding, it is about the right speed, the right focus, the right control, and allowing people to see and understand what you are about.
My weird stuff is now accepted. I can genuinely really help people with what i do.
I am good at this.. and it does not have a detrimental effect on anyone or anything. I am blown away by the results and the beautiful wonderful people that I meet.
No one is in the usual blur of stuff i had ignored, and that includes me!!

Walk a path less travelled. Walk the path into the centre of your heart and find your truth. Find the things in your daily routines that no longer serve you and do not resonate with your heart. Change these things,(believe me it is not always straightforward) and feel the energy and brightness return in your life. If you truly believe you can do this, I know that the flow will bring everything to you that should come.
It is a blessing to live this life, not the curse that so many would have us believe. A sacred blessing, that is a good place to start!!
Walk the path less travelled and light it up for others to see and aspire to. Your heart will fill with love and you will be yourself. Namaste _/|\_