Alastair Christie

Alastair Christie

Energetic Consultancy.

My aim is to bring your body back to its most compatible and beneficial energetic balance. In many cases, this is something your body will have never experienced. To redress the negative influences and drains, improve and restart your bodies energetic flow.
This will improve sleep patterns, make you feel more awake and vital… and most importantly put a smile on your face!!

I can also work with Individuals, Groups and Companies to help them energetically regain their balance.

Hard times have unfortunately produced workplaces full of cautious and fearful employees and management. This is reflected in how you act and react with customers making them uncomfortable and “less attracted” to your business. Some of this is part of your marketing and perceived image; but also how you interact within your team and how they interact with their internal and external customers.
Now that the tide is starting to turn, it is vital bring positive energy into all relationships whether personal or professional

I look at the inside and outside view, to improve positivity and creative flow for team members and departments. Often working remotely, I seek to remove negative thought and belief patterns. Remove destructive detrimental practises to restore each colleague’s value and balance in their respective position.

This works equally well for family groups.

As an Owner/Boss or Manager I would endeavour to highlight to you areas where improvement can be gained and stress reduced (this not about identifying poor or difficult employees!or senior staff!!). A calmer , more focused team that is energetically balanced flows better and their output improves in quality and quantity. This applies equally throughout the hierarchy. This would include external and internal energetic influences. As individuals we are incredibly sensitive to others negative energy. Imagine how this effect compounds within teams and work spaces where many people work together. It certainly can act like a contagious virus!!

Teams of working people become very energetically connected and can be worked with as such, to restore physical and mental energy levels; release energetic blocks caused by detrimental thought/belief patterns. If each individual is more positive about themselves and their position then the group effect can be exponential!

I can work with you wherever you are, distance is not a problem. This is a healing/vibrational energy catalyst. Working with the highest intention for help and improvement for each staff member and the company as a whole.  Big, small, corporate, whatever, the issues are similar.

I would like to help you to provide a good work place environment and raise positive energy within it. Not only does this help your company but it helps all the people and families connected to the company. Ultimately it will help your business to work with integrity and grow.

If you would like a personal consultation please contact me at Standish Osteopathic and Holistic Practice 01453 806528 or 07852 175001.
If  you would like to talk further, or require help, email me I know I can be of assistance. Alastair Christie – Energetic consultant