Reiki Training
Starting in 2014 i will be taking on new students who wish to learn reiki.
I am a trained master teacher in several forms which i will integrate within the three levels.
I feel very blessed to have had the reiki masters that taught me, and I regard teaching others in the same manner.
reiki is something you become, rather than something you do.
It will be apparent in the training the sacred-ness of the energy, together with the holistic completeness of it.
It will bring a new sense of centre and calm, allowing you to see all around you with fresh eyes.

I will be running dowsing workshops to give you tools to help with health and personal wellbeing.
These classes will develop your intuitive dowsing sense and provide you with limitless opportunities for its use…. !!
Previous students have been amazed by the usefulness and variety of applications. A few are listed below as examples:-
Personal energetic balance
Energy healing
House/home healing… or just finding pipes,electric cables or lost keys!!
Sacred space clearing
Relief from addictions

The most important thing is you can develop uses that are most relevant for you

Crystals and crystal ascension
These workshops to be run by my friend Kelly Peacey who has a wealth of experience with crystals and their partnership with us. An empathic down-to-earth approach and an enormous depth of knowledge.

All courses will be held at Standish Osteopathic and Holistic Practice in Gloucestershire

Please use the form below to contact me for further information