Welcome to my pages.
I am an energetic healer, dowsing sensitive and intuitive. I work with individuals and groups.
I offer:-
Personal consultations and healing.
Energetic House/Building clearance
Water divining
Spirit cleansing and clearing

“What ever music i make today, let it harmonize with Life’s symphony”

Amongst many activities, I teach Tibetan/ Usui Reiki and spiritual dowsing; I am dowsing sensitive and intuitive. I run a twice monthly Reiki share Group at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham. I am interested in Sound healing, chinese medicine and Qigong
My Partner and I have recently opened our Healing Practice at Standish Osteopathic and Holistic, Standish, Gloucestershire. GL10 3DW. Come and visit us.

I will try to help in the quest to find your spiritual path with the help of our many friends and helpers.
I am spiritual, I have no religion, I need nothing between me and what put me here. The only truth is love, every thing else is fear. Allow your self to be you, but allow others to be themselves also. Each moment is the start of the rest of your life, not some else’s. Value you as the only version of you on the planet, and everyone else is as unique as you. Find the love in you, and you will find the love in everyone else. blessings my friend x
In todays life of frustration and pressure, it is good to find your sacred centre and discover the real you,
If we can live to make a positive difference for ourselves and others, that seems like a good start!
I love North Cornwall, Tintagel, Boscastle and St Nectans Glen especially.