Every persons journey is unique, not necessarily because of the events that happen along the way, but our reaction to them.

I guess it is hard enough to understand our own selves, let alone the strange nature of the world around us. Or is it?
“How do i know the world? By that which is within me.” Lao Tzu

The people we meet, the challenges we face, reveal tremendous insight into our own nature. Often by virtue of trauma, when all is laid bare without the comforts of money and material comfort.

Seemingly random events that occur at the periphery  of vision, only partially noticed, becoming increasingly evident in my life. A distant issue takes momentary centre stage and dismissed without much consideration, only to resurface, but closer this time! If I still do not give time to it’s resolution and dismiss it again, i know life’s cyclical nature will bring it around again!!  I will ultimately have no choice but to accept and deal with the challenge and learn my lesson.

But,hey! If I did not have challenges, I guess life is ignoring me! So bring it on! Happy accidents, coincidental meetings, unexpected outcomes…. thank goodness life is so rich 🙂