Crystal Vibrations


I have been given some information about the nature of Crystals. No doubt, like me you are using crystals as part of your daily healing routines for your selves and others. There are some amazing books that tell of the properties and structure of such crystals, giving us insights into the way we use them.

I have recently started to look with fresh eyes at these properties. They, like almost everything else, seem to be changing and evolving. Though vibratory tell tales of each stone are changing.

Initially, I guessed it was just me, my reaction, but others have mentioned these changes also.

I am not about to go through every stone to redefine these variations, but to delight that the changes are taking place!!

The Earth is changing its vibration!! The stones that form its constituents are changing!! This is incredible…….. We have held the vibration of these stones as absolute.. they do not appear to be so!

We are being bombarded with energies worldwide that cause us to change physically and in our perceptions. We integrate and embody these energies within our energetic bodies as we grow.

Many speak of grounding or anchoring these same energies into the Earth. I believe this is now starting to occur.

This cause for great delight and celebration, because we are intending the forth coming shifts now at the most fundamental level. There is fresh knowledge, fresh depth in each crystal i pick up. There are increasing dimensions of healing and wisdom.

If, like me , you have crystals perhaps stored away. Bring them back out into the new light, the new vibrations. Allow them to be reactivated so they can reveal their deeper wisdom to you. Awaken the starlight within them, and then within you.

I make a suggestion to work with them as if you have never encountered them before! Realise for yourselves each crystals true nature, not what you have been told it is, The personalities are often very far from what you would expect.

I doing so, you transmit also the precious higher vibration to the Earth as they connect to the group consciousness of each Crystal type within the Earth and in all the constellations in the Cosmos.

These ancient souls are here to grow with us, and nurture us in our development. Like us,they are not unchanging. These seed of the creator will help bring about our fundamental change at all levels, and bring the Earth also to her new vibration.

We are blessed my friends, once again, by the world around us… Namaste x