Working with Tektites, opening psychic doorways


Last Tuesday’s Crystal Workshop saw us (Kelly Peacey and myself) working with the energies of the Tektites. These off-earthly stones seem to have plenty to teach, even though i have connected with them for many years, they are now providing a fresh doorway.

Their glassy, unstructured nature, gives unlimited movement within our sacred space. Like Obsidian which reveals our  innermost and darkest fears, with a view to release; it does the same. But, as Black tektites have not been “born” on this earth, they do not contain the programming and patterns associated with Earths energies. This allows a different , outside of the box, perspective to releasing these fears. Everything has ultimately originated from the source, including ourselves. Stones that have landed on earth afterwards have not been subjected to the same conditions and are clearer energetically.

This I feel is particularly valuable, as displayed in the transformational nature of Moldavite and Libyan Gold Tektite. For me, these stones remind me of home and bring me closer to the Source. They help me to see past learned patterns and behaviours that have been engrained by centuries of fear and trauma on Earth. A lifeline, maybe, back to the Creators source, and back to the centre of myself.

Beneficial for me, certainly! Maybe your experience is, or will be different. The students in the class definitely “connected” in this fresh way. Meditation brought fresh cosmic experience and awareness, with many personal insights. I hope it will for you. Blessings _/!\_