Our lives are governed by trust. From the moment we explode into being on this earth our pathway forward is moulded by our reactions to the events around us. The sensitive barometers and filters that are innate, buried deep in the architecture of cells and their communication, propel us forward or note caution. The “yes?no?” decisions that litter every sleeping and waking second of our incarnation and become the ground upon which we walk and the sign posts we choose to follow.

Amazingly, the human body is perfectly equipped to make these choices from its first breath! The interaction with life as we grow becomes the database by which we steer our course. The accumulated experiences layered upon layer guiding us through our life.
There is a difference between the “trust” we are born with and that which we learn on the journey through life.

When we are born “trust” is implicit in all things. We breath, move, make noise, absorb huge amounts of information on the basis it is all good, all beneficial. We trust initially all beings around us physical or energetic, our sensors alerting to the new and strange. Our trust is unconditional !!
It is not long, however, before such trust is betrayed. Life has started to teach in earnest by challenging the balances, challenging our natal programming and building our character.
From this moment, we are robbed of this unconditional trust, and forced into a diametrically opposed view. This is how we have evolved. This is how we have passed on all that we are down the generations.
We come to trust “up to a point” with a reasoned internal dialogue, based on what we have learnt up to now. The challenge then becomes not just about trust of what we know, the challenge of what each fresh situation brings, but the perceived destabilising effect that situation has on our status quo and the inertia to change and accept any new teaching.

On all levels it becomes about the pace of change, the pace of challenge, and willingness to accept the updated parameters within our consciousness. This is fundamental.
Each of us is entirely unique in our action and reaction to the world. The way in which we process the information, the filters that are in place within us serve to provide a singular view. Although we often have broadly similar experience with the others in our world, each will react, process, change and adjust differently. Each will choose whether to adopt the new idea or concept. Each will colour that concept or idea to make it more palatable, more believable, more acceptable as part of their truth.
This can be particularly difficult when dealing with trauma and pain. Our memory lashed by the agony of the original event often finds an alternative less painful way to remember this truth. A truth based on experience, modified to make that truth more acceptable. We learn to deal with the more aggressive challenges once experienced, by subtly changing the view.

This will change how we trust the people and events in life. We have learnt that how we trust can change or be changed. We have also learnt that those around us have this same capacity to alter their view.
This is now a much removed place from the “unconditional” trust we exhibited when young!
Some would say cynical or jaded, others would proclaim this as wisdom, a worldliness; however it is the reality we have created.
The beauty of unconditional trust becomes the quest of those seeking spiritual enlightenment, a pathway to see with fresh eyes everything as it really is without judgement. This is to regain true unconditional love and the eyes of a child.To allow yourself to truly see without altering the view, trusting that what you see is perfect and requires no change to be accepted as truth. Indeed, ultimately, to be able to see yourself with these same eyes.

To see your truth, trust that unconditionally and accept it; love yourself unconditionally.
Unconditional Trust is the trust of pure love. Without love the pathway becomes open to fear. Fear that gnaws away at the foundations of trust and prevents us presenting a true image of ourselves to the world. Fear that causes mis trust of those we cannot comprehend, who’s experience and parameters differ vastly from our own.
For in the same way we must accept ourselves we must accept those around us, we must trust.
Our world so far has shown us much of how to conquer, how to denigrate, cheat,lie and mistrust. How to abuse power and materially profit at the expense of trust. What have we gained?

Spirituality has always taught that we benefit greatly from the trust we put in each other. The combined light of each individual exponentially multiplied by each trusting and loving relationship.The trust of learning from every unique, beautiful inhabitant of this planet. Indeed, life forces us to co exist and accept the strengths and weaknesses of mankind. To evolve or even ascend, we cannot progress without understanding we are all part of one whole consciousness. That is an unpalatable truth for most given the torment that exists in much of the world.
But does it not just mirror the torment of fear we each feel within us? Can we truly embrace the enormous changes that seem to challenge minute by minute without that spark of fear welling up? Changes that affect personal relationships, financial and physical well being and up-end all that was considered “normal” life.
Life has an uncanny habit of adding chaos where trust and love need to be re established. Where governments not people make decisions, where dogmatic religions no longer truly reflect the beautiful nature of humanity if it is allowed to trust, lifted out of fear and persecution.

Looking at any of the worlds trouble spots, it is certain the spark for change rested in mistrust and fear, driven by the corruption of weak power.
Unlike the super human power that exists when people come together to subvert such corruption and reestablish trust and love between individuals, collectively expressing their truth.
Our power, your power, lies in the acceptance of trust and the release of fear. It lies in understanding that fear will undermine your energy and your ability to be in the flow. Our power is in the truth and trust of our connection with everything around us.
If we portray ourselves honestly without fear, we can trust that others can then react to us in the same manner.

Our power is in the unconditional love we have for ourselves and all those around us and our freewill to actively strive to maintain it.
Allow your self once again to trust and to love and be open those offering their love and trust. This is the beginning of the greatest dynasty of spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment and will manifest change far beyond the energetic confines of this world.
Infinite Blessings _/\_