Limits of Perception


We are limited by what we know. We understand the things that are around us by what we know.

How do we know?

We gain knowing from those around us in all dimensions, we learn to see the things about us based on this knowing.

We understand what our senses tell us using a language we have been taught. We appreciate what colour, sound, light and dark is, based on our experience. Our ventures into the world teach us this experience through the realm of our language and our senses.

It is not surprising therefore, when we travel outside our normal environment that we lack the understanding of what our senses try to tell us.

Travelling to a new country and experiencing a different culture can feel quite extreme in its change to our personal normality,” what we know”.

Although we are all unique in our view, we share a common ancestry of global events. We experience these together but obtain a unique personal perspective of such events.

It would be like setting up many film cameras to record a carnival, each storing its seperate view.

As individuals we could then watch these different views that are all recored over the same timeline. They would all be true recordings, accurate and objective. But they would be limited to their particular view; they could only play back what they actually saw.

All the cameras’ recordings would hold the image of the carnival as parts of the whole. Each recording showing its truth as it saw it.

If we then watched these recordings we would have a very different view than if we were walking around the carnival ourselves, maybe dancing, listening to the music, the sights, sounds and smells….. experiencing the carnival.

Our own knowing would allow us to process what we experienced into our version of that carnival, our senses would bombard us with sensual impressions which would become our record. It would be a subjective view that was only the part of the carnival we experienced.

The carnival itself has not changed in any way from the viewing, but it has because of our participation.

We often make life choices based on what we know, or think we know. Prudence and common sense has helped us to keep alive and healthy, avoiding danger and making silly mistakes.

There is part of us that is connected to a much larger version of knowing that most of the time we choose to filter out of our decision processes. There is a version we can find within ourselves that will bring a more complete picture to make a more informed choice.

This is where we must listen to our heart, listen to the positive, life affirming advice it is trying to give us. Our minds have become so entrenched in the rules and behaviours of “normality” that we rarely attempt to push past their limitation. This is often because of learned fear patterns or just because it is easier and less troublesome. All our choices effect those around us, so an unusual change in behaviour will send out messages to those close to us.. prompting questions!! Why are you doing that? what is this all about? etc. They are actually asking why you wish to have an effect on their view, why you seek to change what is normal.

Our hearts give us choices that are not limited by fear, by routine, by other peoples learned behaviour.

Isn’t that just great?

We are tapping into the greater universal consciousness of all mankind by living from the heart. We are freeing ourselves to experience life from a global perspective guided by the kind positive advice of our own heart as it is connected to the group heart of all things!

Wow, that means we experience everything with the knowing of all that is. We are not limited by what we have been taught, what we understand, or even the language that we speak. We experience in a deeper way, allowing the flow of inspiration from our senses without the judgement or filter of our learned behaviour or belief patterns.

This is all within us… right now.. right this moment…. all you have to do is listen. In fact, feel, experience, appreciate and,LOVE!!!  WE turn ourselves off to so many things to make us feel comfortable and secure. But in truth, we block the very things that will help us to become who we really are.

Tune in to your heart…. it is telling you what you need to hear… and always in postive terms. Just remember how it is connected. It will give you all you need. It costs nothing to listen!!

Love yourself enough to listen, love others enough to act on the advice.

Send this message out in every fibre of our being, I know it will change your life forever, and the lives of all those around you!!

With much Love.